About VKM

About VKM

VKM International, Inc., is your preeminent resource for mausoleum care. At VKM, we develop, manufacture, and distribute the highest-quality products for casket and mausoleum protection. Incorporated in 1995, VKM has manufacturing facilities located in Ocala, Florida. From our U.S. headquarters, we serve both the national and global markets.

Why Choose VKM Products?

Easy to Use Products
Easy-To-Use Products

VKM’s patented MausoGuard system & other products ease entombment & simplify mausoleum care.

In-House Innovation and Production
In-House Innovation and Production

VKM manufactures its own products in the USA. Only VKM offers the unique MausoGuard system.

Global Service
Global Service

From our Florida headquarters, VKM ships anywhere in the world.


Patented Products Manufactured in the USA

VKM’s Flight Tray and Mausoguard are ATA certified
products and are manufactured in America.

What Our Clients Have to Say?

We at VKM are proud to offer the finest mausoleum protection
supplies and best service in the industry.