Our Vision

At VKM International, Inc., dignity and durability are our touchstones. We are passionate about ensuring that final journeys take place safely and respectfully. Our mission is non-negotiable and twofold:

(1) We develop and distribute innovative, high-quality, American-made mausoleum-care products built for form and function, and
(2) We offer top-notch service to our clients.

At our Ocala, FL, development and manufacturing facility, we aim to streamline each of our products’ assembly and minimize the parts involved, all while maximizing protection. Our sturdy, elegant, and simple-to-use MausoGuard, MausoTray, FlighTray, and entombment accessories permit complete containment. At VKM International, Inc. we want you to be confident in our products, so you can be proud of your work.

About VKM

Our Story

Our founders decided to develop our products when they saw how few options were available on the market for mausoleum protection. In 1995, VKM International incorporated and expanded our production. In the decades since, we’ve continued to innovate: Our products change with the needs of the industry, but we also know that you depend on us for consistency and reliability. With that in mind, we’ve always sought to keep our customers informed of the latest available items while offering constancy in our supplies.

Behind the Scenes

Fabricating VKM Products: An American Enterprise

Fabricating VKM Products: An American Enterprise

From custom components to final assembly, we manufacture our signature VKM International, Inc., products—the MausoGuard, MausoTray, and FlighTray—right here in the United States, at our Ocala, Florida, facility. We proudly offer the highest quality domestically made products for your clients’ interment needs.

Packaging VKM Products for Shipment

Packaging VKM Products for Shipment

At VKM International, Inc., we package your order with extraordinary care. Before shipping, we inspect each order for fulfillment accuracy—only then do we wrap your items for secure transport. You can expect your order within 14 business days—5 to 10 business days for expedited shipping. We select a carrier for each order based on location, timeframe, and the items included. For standard shipping, we rely upon large commercial carriers (such as Federal Express). For expedited service, we may use smaller but highly reputably shipping firms. Please always feel welcome to contact us with any questions or specific shipping needs. We will do everything we can to accommodate your needs.

Completing the Wheel of Life: Recycling at VKM International, Inc.

Completing the Wheel of Life: Recycling at VKM International, Inc.

The funeral industry has been later than some to adopt green practices. But at VKM International, Inc., we have always believed that minimizing waste is good news for both the nation and the economy. That’s why we reduce, reuse, and recycle at our headquarters and manufacturing facility. At VKM International, we recycle all the scrap component materials possible; we also take care to reuse clean, like-new materials in shipping wherever we can. And of course, in everything we do, the impeccable quality of our products comes first.

Our Team

At VKM International, we treasure our employees’ diverse backgrounds. Our leadership staff boast formidable experience in a variety of fields, providing a broad swath of talent resources. From accounting and finance, to pharmaceuticals, to internet tech, to entrepreneurship, our team’s skill sets allow us to develop top-notch mausoleum-care products and respond nimbly to you and your clients’ needs. The result: At VKM International, we’re able to approach every shipment and product- development project both pragmatically and creatively.