"Easy-to-Handle Casket Entombment with Complete Seepage Shielding | ATA certified"

VKM’s patented MausoGuard is the industry’s most advanced casket enclosure for mausoleums.
It’s compact, easy to assemble, offers a permanent seal with a valve to allow for gas release, and ensures peace of mind for all mausoleum entombments.

Why MausoGuard?

Until relatively recently, mausoleums did not consistently require that caskets be contained within a protective layer to prevent fluid leakage, odors, and insect infestation. Now the memorial industry knows that such protection is vital to the upkeep of mausoleums, ensuring the safety and comfort of staff and visitors and keeping mausoleums in good condition in perpetuity.

Product Features

The MausoGuard consists of three primary components: a rigid lower tray, a multi-layer-film upper enclosure, and locking rails for a permanent bond between the upper and lower components.

The lower tray: Constructed from extremely durable high-molecular-weight polyethylene, the lower tray has a Diamond-Rail base and a Uni-Rolled upper edge for complete rigidity and a permanent seal to the upper enclosure.

The upper enclosure: The cover for the MausoGuard is made from a seven-layered co-extruded film, which allows the family to view the casket safely.
FDA-approved, it prevents oxygen and odor transmission.
The film cover attaches to the tray with a two-part fastening system, consisting of the locking rails (see below) and double-faced adhesive tape.

This two-part seal, which is both mechanical (rails) and chemical (tape), ensures that the cover will not separate from the tray over time. The upper enclosure also contains an aluminum military-grade one-way valve that opens to release gas build-up at a pressure of 0.1 psi inside the sealed MausoGuard.

The locking rails: Locking rails along the outer edges of the MausoGuard offer a mechanical clamp that reinforces the adhesive attachment between the upper enclosure and the rigid tray. These pre-drilled rails, attached with rivets, protect the assembly during entombment and maintain a complete barrier between the casket and outside air, ensuring a durable and dependable seal.

MausoGuard Dimensions

Variants Thickness Inside Outside
MGA - 86.625" x 29.25"
(86 5/8" x 29 1/4")
87.25" x 30.875"
(87 1/4" x 30 7/8")
MGB - 84.50" x 27.75"
(84 1/2" x 27 3/4")
86.375" x 30.125"
(86 3/8" x 30 1/8")
Oversize - 33.50" x 85.50"
(33.1/2" x 85 1/2")
35.125" x 87.125"
(35 1/8" x 87 1/8")