We gladly accept orders via telephone, email, fax, and online order form.

There is no order minimum for any of our products. Products are, however, shipped LTL (less than truckload), and as such there is a minimum weight charge. Therefore, to minimize your overall shipping costs, we recommend ordering 10 units or more at a time.

Thank you for your order! First-time orders require an upload to us of our Credit Application form with a request of 30-day credit terms. We also gladly accept all major credit cards are accepted with a 3% processing fee (this payment method requires processing through Sales Administration).

Product measurement (exterior and interior dimensions ) are available via the website and electronic brochure. Further detailed information can be obtained by discussing your particular requirements with a sales administrator. It is beneficial to have the relevant crypt dimensions to hand when doing so.

Oversize Custom Trays are available.

Trays are designed with a “lip” for ease of handling and integrity of structure. The older crypts are generally of smaller dimensions, requiring the removal of the lip to maintain casket access.

We are so sorry for the inconvenience and want to make it right. Please inspect your merchandise upon delivery. If your order arrives with damage, please (1) note on the delivery documentation the nature of the damage and (2) provide photographic evidence of the damage prior to the truck’s departure. VKM must be advised of all such damages for authorized reimbursement to occur.

Our products are not returnable unless previously authorized by VKM. Return freight and 25 % restocking fees will be applied.

Pads are not included with the Tray or Guard, but Absorbent Pads are available for purchase.