Lightweight, Reusable Flight Container for Dignified Transport | ATA Certified

VKM’s patented Flight Tray permits the secure and dignified transport of a burial casket containing human remains via air. It consists of a rigid polyethylene tray that contains body and embalming fluids and negates pesticide treatment in international shipment, a corrugated cardboard shower-proof “jacket,” retention straps, and detachable handles.

Why FlighTray?

Increasing national and international mobility have made the transport of human remains more and more common. Because caskets are so large and heavy, and because their contents require particular care and respect, a tailored transport container is necessary to ensure that the casket arrives at its destination in good condition while also protecting the people who handle it.

Product Features

TRAY : Like our MausoTray, the FlighTray’s rigid base is constructed of polyethylene with a Diamond Rail base and Uni-Rolled edges. The tray slides easily on most surfaces. The sides and base are rigid. The tray is reusable after shipment.

JACKET : The corrugated cardboard “jacket” protects the casket from pesticide treatments that may be required for international shipment. It folds over the casket and lodges within the tray’s walls. Three retention straps, anchored beneath the rolled lip of the tray, affix the jacket to the tray.

DETACHABLE HANDLES : When used, the handles are locked through the rolled lip of the tray with a male-and-female buckle set exclusive to the product.