“VKM is an honest and reliable company. Mark always tends to our specific needs.
Wonderful company to work with. The products are built tough.”

We have been using VKM for many years now and without a doubt will continue for years to come. We do not have much storage space at our cemetery location so we are only able to purchase a small numberof mausoleum trays at a time. Knowing that if I call Mark at VKM to reorder trays, he knows exactly what we need and they will be delivered to us within days, makes keeping a small inventory possible. We wouldn’t use any other

VKM sells a superior product. We all know how picky employees can be. Whenever I have tried other protectors from other companies I always get complaints from my men. They like the ease of VKM’s product. The holes for the sealing rails always line up. They like the lip on the edge of the tray, it helps with the handling. Customer service is super.
Great product!

“For almost 10 years, I havebeen a customer of VKM International. Mark Harnish has always been an excellent representative for the company. He is friendly and extremely knowledgeable about the product line with a keeneye for detail. All the qualities mentioned make him an invaluable asset to the company. The construction and durability of the MausoGuard is second to none. I have never had an issue with the product and the cemetery workers assemble the MausoGuard with ease. Many thanks to Mark Harnish and VKM International for exceptional customer service and products.”